Screen shots - How to delete a Personnel Number: SAP RPUDELPN


How to delete a Personnel Number: SAP RPUDELPN

You may come across many a scenarios which require you to delete a Personnel Number. For example, you have mistakenly hired an employee on a wrong date in your SAP system. Or, the employee is hired and left the organization on the same day.
The following procedure  deletes both the personnel number and all the data that is stored in the system for the employee. Note you must have the necessary authorizations in SAP to execute the program.

Step 1) In Transaction SE38,

  1. Enter Program Name RPUDELPN
  2. Click Execute

Step 2) In the next Screen

  1. Enter the Personnel Number
  2. Check Detialed Log Flag
  3. Click Execute

Step 3) A confirmation screen is show .Click Yes

Step 4) Employee is deleted from SAP system and its data can not be recovered. Log is shown

You can also use transaction PU00 to delete only some infotypes of an employee.

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