Solution - Dump CONVT_NO_NUMBER occurred during table conversion


As you already known that, it is necessary to perform table conversion via SE14->"activate and adjust database (save data)" if the table cannot be adjusted directly using database SQL statement. For detailed information about table conversion, you can refer to wiki page


You changed dat type for one table field from CHAR to DEC which triggered table conversion via SE11.
before change:

After change:

However Dump CONVT_NO_NUMBER occured during table conversion. table conversion stopped at step 5 in SE14:


Data type from CHAR to DEC triggered table conversion. But because the field value contained characters which could not be converted to digital, dump CONVT_NO_NUMBER occured.

There were three entries in table ZTEST before conversion. The first entry contain value "123WET" for field F3 which was changed from CHAR to DEC. However "123WET" cannot be converted to number, so table conversion failed.


When such dump occured during table conversion, The field value and the corresponding entry that cannot be converted can be found in dump file

< WA> contain the complete key value for this entry.
You can also found the corresponding entry by running select SQL statement on database level:
select * from QCMZTEST where F3 = '123WET';
You can update the entry using Update SQL statement:
update QCMZTEST set F3 = '123456' where F3 = '123WET';
After that, go to SE14 to continue the conversion by clicking "continue adjustment".


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