How to use dynamic variables in the variants?

SAP users must be running number of reports on a daily basis. There are number of selection parameters like dates and periods etc. are to be entered. Every time, entering these values must be cumbersome task. However, following small trick would let the system dynamically select the dates based on the values maintained in the variable of the variant.
File 1.png
Would like to run this report on a daily basis, however, the open items (open at key date) has to be dynamically changed when running, we can create variant with dynamic variables. Click on “save” button.
File 2.png
Give Name and Description and Variant Name.
File 3.png
File 4.png
For Dynamic Variables, SAP has provided some standard variables, we can use them. Select “D” for this purpose.
File 6.png
The above are the standard variables created by SAP for this purpose. Now for this purpose, I am selecting Current Date. Anything beyond these standard variables, we may have to create customized variables.

I am selecting “Current Date” for this purpose.
File 7.png

Click on save button

File 8.png

You can please see the dynamic variant.

For example, if we schedule this job to run on a daily basis, the system would dynamically take the “Current Date” into “Open at Key Date” Field and run the report.

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