SAP HCM Data Element - CMOD Change of text for standard Data element

SAP HCM Data Element: CMOD Change of text for standard Data element
Applies to:
SAP ABAP, mySAP ECC 6.0, SAP HCM/HR, SAP Netweaver 2004s, SAP Enterprise Portal.

The some of functional requirements are such that in SAP HCM or SAP HR we need to display some of information in SAP Enterprise Portal for the employees of a company and the standard packages that comewith the SAP are only available into the portal applications so one work around for the information which is not displayed in portal and needs to be displayed are done on maintaining the text for the data element. Here it is shown using Infotype 0021 Family Member/ Dependent We need to know the Mediclaim number.


    Company:     Torrent Power Ltd. Created on:    25 December 2009 Author(s) Bio
By education Gaurav is B.E. Information Technology, He is working as a Chief SAP ABAP HR Developer, SAP XI developer as well as SAP HCM Functional team member with Torrent Power Ltd. India's one of the best Power Industry. His current technical work includes development with following ABAP, ABAP HR, SAP XI, ABAP Objects, and Smartforms, Adobe forms BDC, BAPI, 
SAP Enterprise Portal, and SAP Web dynepro for Java.

Requirement Understanding

The client requirements here for the SAP HCM i.e. Human Resource module is that they need to display the information for family members for their mediclaim number on the standard application provided on the SAP enterprise portal.
  • Infotype 0021
  • Development of custom field
  • Development of the custom dynpro application for portal.
  • Its maintenance, costly
So now there comes the small solution to this big problem which is that we are not using many standard available fields from the infotype 0021 from which one of them is *Birthplace *so what if we change the text for the birthplace as Mediclaim number.
So the development is avoided if this solution is made available and the many efforts is saved with the proper solution.
Solution Step by Step
The below article explains the step by step process for the changing the text for the standard data element. Carefully go through this article and before that check for the data element usage in whole 

SAP. This solution is good for elements which are used single time for single entity.
This solution has reduced the development time and efforts for the small client requirements which rules the mind of the client.

Kindly go through below steps for the detailed process with the self explained screenshots. If any query do let me know.

1.   PA30

T-code for checking the the available data element that can be used for the changing of text and use with the portal
2.   Infotype 0021
Enter the personnel number and infotype number as 0021 - family members / dependent details.
3.   Create
Click on the button create or if already record exist you can go for edit we only need to check the unused data element for the information to be displayed.
4.   Select the subtype
It will prompt for the subtype as the way it is configured for the current client. Select any of the field we need to have the one which is common to all.
5.   Check for the field Birthplace
Check here we identified birthplace as not required field, for which you need to find out the data element now used.
6.   Go to CMOD
Here the data element name in PAD_GBORT, Now go to CMOD t-code.
7.   Menu → Goto → Text enhacements → Keywords → Change
On the very first screen of CMOD click on menu Goto and then onwards follow as per title and shown in the figure below:
8.   Provide Data element name
Check for the Data element name for  the screen field from SE11 -→ PA0021 table, Now as here we have identified birthplace as not required field whose data element in PAD_GBORT, provide that to the prompted dialog box as show in the below figure.
9.   Check for the field text titles
The text displayed for all the Short, Medium, Long, Heading and Short description as Birthplace, So now change it to the required ones, here it is Medicalim number.
When you go for save it will ask for the request and create the request and provide package. Create request for here and clikc on continue. 
11.Now check in SE11.
Check for the changes in SE11 or you can check in PA30 also.
Now go to se11 and enter table PA0021 again and check against the birthplace field name. same thing will be reflected in all the application of R3 and Portal.
Note: Take a note of that where all places the data elements are being used in the Data Dictionary.