Default wage types in 0008 info type

The purpose of this blog is to provide simple step by step process for defaulting wage types in 0008 infotype. Reading the discussions in the SCN forum, I notice just how many other consultants are experiencing problems when configuring them.

Step 1 : Maintain Planned payment specification LGMST feature.

The Planned remuneration specification feature (LGMST) determines default wage types in conjunction with control features: company code, personnel area, personnel subarea, employee
group, employee subgroup and the subtype of the record.
The return code matrix has the following structure: XX/YYYYYYYY, which
has the following meaning:
XX           maximum number of wage types per record
YYYYYYYY     forms the name for the wage type model and is read from table T539A

Once the entry is maintained , activate the feature.

Step 2 : Set up default wage types for the Basic Pay infotype (0008)

Go to path SPRO--> Personnel Management --> Personnel Administration --> Payroll Data --> Basic Pay --> Wage Types --> Revise Default Wage Types.
This configuration is country specific. When a new infotype record is created, the value defined using the feature is offered as a default value. Which values you receive depends on the organizational assignment of the employee.
The defaulted wage type model can be deleted if it is marked with mode 0 (optional) in the view Default wage types for basic pay (V_T539A). When wage types are marked with mode F (fixed) this is not possible.

While I am pretty sure that most of you are aware of these things I still wanted to publish these things for the benefit of other HCM consultants who are not aware.

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